Destiny of Leopold Post-X’mas DayDate : 22-12-2011

Dear Elters,

The conspiracy began when the forces of Elters grew stronger and stronger each day against Skadi who was summoned by Cruel Angel making the whole Leopold area frozen with ice. Skadi knows that his powers is diminishing with the uprising Elters powers and started conspiring with Verus Castle in the dark. Beware and be warned of the dangers that is going to shake and tear the whole Elters apart on post-X’mas Day!

GameMasters will need the assistance of all Elters to avert this Leopold calamity… Can our brave Elters prevail? Only time will tell….

Event details:

Date: 26th December 2011 (Monday)

Time: 2000hrs - 2100hrs (for all Nations)

How the event goes:

  1. Various boss monsters will attack Leopold on the event day.
  2. Each Nation is allocated an area to kill the monsters thoroughly. See below image.
  3. Put your disputes aside and help each other to clear all the areas.
  4. When all areas are cleared, the “Eye of Skadi” will be attacked!
  5. Elters are to gather up and defeat all monsters at the “Eye of Skadi”.
  6. Prizes will be rewarded when the entire Leopold is cleared from monsters.
  7. Nations are advised to be prepared 30 minutes before the event starts.
  8. During this event, GMs will assist the Nations when needed.


  • 8-hours of 2x bonus EXP event will be separated in 2 sessions:
    1. Session 1: 30th Dec, 2300hrs to 31st Dec, 0300hrs (GMT +8)
    2. Session 2: 31st Dec, 1400hrs to 31st Dec, 1800hrs (GMT +8)
  • Bonus EXP effect will apply to characters of all levels in both PvE and PvP channels.

Rules and Regulations:

  • Players who attempt to disrupt the progress of the event will be dealt with to resume the order of the event.
  • Player(s) who do not listen to the GM’s annoucements, regardless if they failed to notice, purposely ignore, failed to understand or even do not know how to read will be punished depending on the player(s)‘s action.
  • Asiasoft is not responsible to any external influence which may cause distortion to players’s activities during the course of the event i.e. Server delay, lag, disconnection, server crash, black out, natural disasters, etc.
  • The GMs have the right to delay, prolong, postpone or even cancel the event based on the progress situation of the event.
  • The GMs have the right to make any sudden or last minute change to the rules or format of the event based on the situation.
  • Players who use hack, offensive, abusive representations etc, will be disqualified and dealt with accordingly to our User Abuse Policy.
  • All results and decisions made by the GMs are final and binding. Appeals will not be entertained.

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